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Beautiful Cafe Style Shutters for All Windows

New Style Shutters is a reliable window shutters service provider in Manchester, Leeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate UK. We have the beautiful Café Style Shutters that are made to boost daylight in your rooms and also privacy at all times of the day. These have their top half showing the window glass and the bottom half made from beautiful wooden shutters materials. Plantation shutters in custom cafe style are available at cheap prices in Manchester, Leeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate. We provide perfect fit cafe style shutters in all sizes, colours and finishes for all windows in the region.

Brilliant Hardwood Café Style Shutters

Are you looking to maximize daylight in your living rooms or offices while also get the required privacy? Cafe style shutters in brilliant hardwood materials from New Style Shutters are just what you need. Available in basswood café style shutters or light parasol wooden shutters, these are perfect for all windows in stretch or regular shapes. Wooden shutters in fancy cafe styling make your rooms bright and look elegant at all times of the day.

Waterproof Cafe Style Shutters

If you need window shutters for kitchens, bathrooms or garages where windows are near water hoses, New Style Shutters will provide quality waterproof shutters. We have advanced polyvinyl materials that are processed just right finishing them for efficient water proof shutters for all requirements. All sizes, colours and designs are available with waterproof cafe style shutters at cheap prices. Enjoy daylight for your rooms while knowing water or liquids will cause no harm to the quality paints and materials.

Professional Window Shutters Service

  • ☆ Beautiful cafe style shutters available in all sizes and finishes
  • ☆ Plantation shutters with café style design perfect for daylight maximization
  • ☆ Waterproof café style shutters available for all types of uses and installations
  • ☆ Free window measurement appointment and free fittings in Manchester, Leeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate
  • ☆ Cheap window shutters available in café style finishes
  • ☆ Quality materials and long-lasting hinges good for long-term usage

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