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Window Shutters in Manchester

New Style Shutters is one of Manchester’s leading window shutters service provider offering quality products at affordable prices. Our locally made quality shutters in Manchester provide long-lasting capabilities with exquisite styling and designing for all interiors. Beautifully finished shutters in many different ranges of materials and window or door covering styles are available at cheap prices. We provide satisfactory window shutters service in Manchester with our leading plantation shutters and also waterproof polyvinyl shutters.

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New Style Shutters is committed to providing perfect fit shutters for all windows and doors in Manchester. You can now get free home visit appointments with window and door measurement surveys anywhere in Manchester anytime. Our professional experts take precise measurements of your window or door openings making just the perfect shutter blinds for them. Call us anytime to book same day or next day window measurement visit anywhere in the city. We provide high quality shutters in Manchester offering accurate window coverage and ultimate design choices for all.

Free measurement and fitting in Manchester

Full Room Darkening Solid Panel Shutters

New Style Shutters also has perfect solid panel shutters made from real wood materials. These wooden blinds are perfect for making rooms dark at any time of the day. Noise reduction and privacy are also added features with these perfect shutter blinds.

Beautiful Tier on Tier Shutters in Manchester

When you want to control daylight and privacy features for your interiors, special tier on tier shutters in Manchester work perfectly. New Style Shutters provides these customized shutters that allow for any of their panels to be opened for daylight maximization and privacy at the same time.

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Window Shutters in Different Materials Ranges for Manchester

New Style Shutters is one of the most advanced window and door shutters suppliers in Manchester. We have a wide range of materials for selection of best shutters suitable for each type of windows and doors in the city. Our range of quality shutter blinds in Manchester include:

  • MDF Shutters – Special Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) shutters are perfect for all rooms, windows and doors. These are incredibly light and perfectly durable for long time usage. As long as these are kept away from liquid exposure, they will look great and last long with good as new look and feel.
  • Basswood Shutters – Made from strong and durable basswood, these are real wooden shutters with the luxury look and feel of wood. With realistic wood grain finishes and polished surfaces, these can make any interior stand out with natural colour and design. Available in many different styles and designs, these are perfect for homes and commercial building windows.
  • Parasol Wood Shutters – For people looking for light yet real wooden shutters, parasol shutters are the perfect choice. New Style Shutters offers leading plantation shutters made from light woods and finished with attractive layers of paints and colours. These are perfectly cheap and long lasting at the same time for all interiors.
  • Waterproof Shutters – Made from quality polyvinyl materials, our waterproof shutters are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or garages where water exposure is commonplace. These are processed waterproof materials that also have waterproof surface finishes as well. Cheap and long lasting, they are also available in all colours and design finishes as well.

Beautiful Fancy Shutters in Different Window Covering Styles

When it comes to window shutters like plantation shutters or waterproof shutters, we provide best quality with fancy styling. New Style Shutters offers beautiful customized designs and window covering styles including:

Beautiful Full Height Shutters in Manchester

New Style Shutters offers full height shutters in Manchester that cover your openings of doors and windows fully. These are available in wooden shutters types and also waterproof materials as well depending on where you will be needing them.

Brilliant Café Style Shutters in Manchester

For people looking for some unique styling for their windows, New Style Shutters offers brilliant café style shutters in Manchester. These cover windows in half of their proportion while the top half is left open for daylight. Optimized privacy and daylight maximization features are available with beautiful styling.