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New Style Shutters offers free window measurement and free fitting in select areas. Call now to book your appointment and get professional service.


Perfect Fit Shutter

Perfect Fit Shutter


Made to measure shutters are available in fancy styles and perfect measurements for all windows and doors with quality design and style finishes.

Gliding Tracking Shutters Leeds

Gliding Track Shutters Leeds

New Style Shutters is a name you can trust for best gliding track shutters in the Leeds UK. We provide satisfactory shutters installation services to with quality blinds and free fitting in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate. For bedrooms or offices where, sliding mechanisms save a lot of space, our gliding track shutters work best. Wooden shutters and waterproof shutters are available with full functionality and reliable sliding apparatus. Brilliant hardwood materials for custom plantation shutters are available making your windows and openings look and feel great…. Read More


Cafe Style Shutters

New Style Shutters is a reliable cafe style window shutters service provider in the Leeds UK. We have the beautiful Café Style Shutters that are made to boost daylight in your rooms and also privacy at all times of the day. These have their top half showing the window glass and the bottom half made from beautiful wooden shutters materials. Plantation shutters in custom café style are available at cheap prices in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate. We provide perfect fit café style shutters in all sizes, colours and finishes for all windows in the region…Read More


cafe style shutters
Tier On Tier Shutters

Tier On Tier Shutters

New Style Shutters is a name you can trust for quality Tier on Tier Shutters in Leeds UK. Our locally produced tier on tier shutters in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate provide enhanced privacy control and daylight light maximization. For all bedrooms, living rooms, offices and commercial buildings with any size openings, these tier on tier Plantation shutters offer great window covering options. Available in wooden shutters with tier on tier styles and also waterproof materials for windows near water hoses, these are also very high-quality…Read More


Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters provide full window and door coverage with beautiful designs and quality materials. New Style Shutters offers perfect fit full height shutters in all sizes and designs for all windows and doors in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate. Cover your windows in passageways or have these custom full height shutters Plantation on bedroom and living room windows of your home to pop out the look and feel. Our brilliant designs and quality finishes make windows designs match or contract your interior settings perfectly…Read More


Full Height Shutters
Solid Panel Shutters

Solid Panel Shutters

New Style Shutters is one of the leading Solid Panel shutters providers in the Leeds UK. We offer quality solid panel shutters in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate with free window measurement and free fitting options. Made from solid wooden panels, these plantation shutters are perfect for every room where daylight is to be minimized. Perfect blacked out rooms are possible with these quality solid panel shutters in all dimensions and sizes. Quality wooden Plantation shutters with solid panel styles are available at cheap prices…Read More


Shaped Window Shutters

New Style Shutters has localized UK-based manufacturing for all our high-quality shaped window shutters in Leeds. We have leading wooden shutters that are available for custom window sizes and designs. Our perfect fit Shaped Window Shutters are available for all windows in Manchester, Leeds, Wigan, York and Harrogate that are designed in unique shapes. We have shaped windows shutters for single hung windows, double hung windows, the beautiful arched windows, custom bay windows, curved how windows, fancy casement windows, beautiful garden windows, round and oval shaped windows and all others…Read More

Shaped Window Shutters

About New Style Shutters

New Style Shutters is one of the most reliable Window Shutters supplier in the Leeds UK. Our localized manufacturing and expert processing make our window Plantation shutters perfect for all interior settings.

We have elegant wooden shutters and efficient waterproof shutters for all windows and doors requirements. Our quality Plantation Shutters that are made from real wood materials are available with attractive wood style grains for their finish.

High-quality materials with durable hinges make our window shutters and door shutters last long in all installations. Our experts will measure your windows for precise shutters and fit the final window shutters on your windows for a seamless finish.

On call appointments are available in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate for free window measurement and fitting anytime. New Style Shutters makes and Plantation real wooden shutters and also polyvinyl waterproof shutters in many different styles and designs.

Some of our fancy window shutters options include the luxury Full Height Shutters, beautiful Café Style Shutters, modern Tier on Tier Shutters, precise Shaped Window Shutters, advanced Gliding Track Shutters and full darkening Solid Panel Shutters.

Free Measurement and Fitting Appointments Available on Call

New Style Shutters is a name you can trust when it comes to high-quality window and door shutters experience. We provide free measurement for windows and doors in ManchesterLeeds, York, Wigan and Harrogate. Our Plantation window shutters are also available with free fitting once they are ready for your windows as well.

New Style Shutters eliminates chances of under-perfect fitting for your Plantation window shutters. Create a professional quality look for your windows and doors with perfect fitting options from our experts available in your region.

Call now or book your appointment here from the website. Same day or next day appointments are available for everyone.

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